Free Weight Loss Workshop - The 5 Pillars of Natural Weight Loss

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 Natural Weight Loss for Life


 Are you ready to STOP dieting and START living? 

Life is not meant to be spent counting calories, fat grams or carbs, stressing over having a piece of pizza, or beating yourself up for eating a cookie or two! 

Life is also not meant to be spent carrying around excess weight that holds you back from living your fullest and happiest life. 

What if instead...

You forever left behind the cycle of losing 20 pounds and gaining back 22, then losing 20 pounds again and gaining back 25, continually creeping up higher and higher on the scale?

What if...

You never went on another deprivation diet where you have to follow someone else's meal plan and turn your life upside down for 30 days, or 6 weeks, or however long you can stick to it? EVER AGAIN! 

What if...

You could leave behind the emotional eating that leaves you feeling completely out of control?

Bored? Sad? Lonely? Angry? Happy? Tired? 

FOOD seems to always be the answer.

But not anymore! 

Let's Work Together

Come learn about the 5 Pillars to Natural Weight Loss and my Healthy Habits Program

Thank you for stopping by! 

I'm Tambra Lanham, a Certified Health and Life coach. I teach women how to STOP DIETING and START LIVING through a Natural Weight Loss Process.  Got 50 pounds to lose? Come join me, I'll help you get it off!

Join me for The 5 Pillars of Natural Weight Loss Workshop

I'll teach you the 5 Pillars, a totally different path to weight loss than you've ever gone on before. Come join me and I'll teach you how to STOP DIETING and START LIVING!


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